Enjoy Warming Curries and Tender Lean Meats

Depending on the seasons, our bodies may need different amounts of fuel to get us through our daily routines. Searing heat and an active job may mean you need a healthy dose of lean protein and carbohydrates, but you may not have the appetite to eat a large meal. Likewise, the other way around if the temperature is cooler, your body may be welcoming of a higher density more warming meal.

Thankfully Cameron’s Kitchen offers healthy meals delivered to the Gold Coast all year round and to suit all tastes so you can keep energised and satisfied. The temperatures can drop a little in the evenings in the Gold Coast currently and your body will benefit from warming, chunky soups, spicy curries and slabs of tenderised meat.


Intense Flavour and Locally Sourced Ingredients

All Cameron’s Kitchen meals are nutritionally balanced and offer generous portion sizes ensuring you and your family won’t reach for the biscuit tin an hour after your meal. Head chef Volker Koepke brings 40 years’ experience to the table and offers a range of dairy free, gluten free and vegetarian options. So what meals are recommended to warm you up on these cold nights?

The Indian Butter Chicken is a traditional Indian dish including a rich and spicy sauce. Honey, yoghurt and coriander accompany this dish alongside Basmati Rice and Cucumber Raita. Packed full of flavour, this dish is a popular family favourite and will keep you full all evening.

The Beef and Mushroom Stew is a hearty, nutrient-rich dish filled with lean protein and tons of veggies. The veggies are crisp, the potato mash smooth and creamy and the stew is filling and warming – perfect for that blustery evening.

If you love your traditional family meals, you can’t get more traditional than a roast leg of Australian lamb. Served with crispy roast potatoes, seasonal greens and Queensland Pumpkin this will fill you up and probably give you a healthy dose of leftovers to munch on for lunch the next day!


Mix and Match Dishes for Fussy Eaters!

Feeding the whole family can be a battle, especially if you have younger ones who dislike a lot of certain foods. Cameron’s Kitchen allows you to purchase a variety of meals that last for up to ten days, ensuring that whether you eat the meal on day one or day ten, it still has the same great flavour.


Control Calories Without Losing Flavour

Each healthy meal delivered in Brisbane and Gold Coast by Cameron’s Kitchen has all the nutritional values clearly stated under the bio of every meal. This is essential if you’re looking to control your weight and keep yourself energised for your daily tasks. Cameron’s Kitchen only uses the freshest locally sourced ingredients, ensuring all your meals are packed full of flavour. Controlling calories but not denying you flavour like some healthy meal companies do, will ensure you stay on track and enjoy your meals instead of falling into a yo yo dieting pattern.