Frequently Asked Questions


Do you deliver to my area and how do I find my next delivery day?
You can check delivery day options on our website, click on Delivery. Type in your postcode and you will see the delivery day options. Alternatively, you may phone the office and we advise you this over the phone.


My normal delivery day is not showing.
Due to high demand for Cameron's Kitchen fresh meals, we set a daily limit on the number of meals our Chefs are able to prepare and cook, and our delivery drivers are able to deliver. By setting these limits, we are able to maintain our high quality of fresh meals and ensure your meals are delivered on schedule. It is possible that the order cut off time occurs earlier on the cut off day for this reason. We suggest placing your order earlier, so you are able to select your preferred delivery day.


When do I need to order by?
Your meals are cooked to order. We need at least two days prior to your delivery day, to purchase the fresh ingredients, prepare the food, cook and package. Check our delivery page on the website, type in your postcode and the upcoming delivery days are listed. On the same page the order cut off times are displayed.


What time will my delivery be?
The day before you chosen delivery day, you will receive an email that advises you of a 2 hour window the delivery will occur. Use this same email to track the delivery on the day which will give you a minute countdown timer starting 2 hours prior to your delivery. When delivery is complete, the tracking email will confirm this.


Why does it say “Sorry, we don't deliver to you yet.”
If you have done a delivery check with your postcode on our delivery page and we display delivery day options but during check out you receive a “Sorry, we don't deliver to you yet.” message, it is possible that the suburb is spelt incorrectly, or it may have additional information within the suburb field. Only input the suburb in this field, not city, gate code etc. The website has a lookup feature to determine delivery day options, cut off times etc. If the suburb is spelt incorrectly or has additional text with the suburb, it may return “Sorry, we don't deliver to you yet.” The suburb and the postcode must match also.


Can I order via telephone?
Call our friendly staff on 07 5522 0860, to place your order. For new customers, we will set you up in our system so we have all the necessary information on hand to make reordering easy for you. Call our office Monday to Friday 8:00am to 3:00pm. The office is closed after hours and on the weekend.


Tried ordering, having difficulties.
Call our technical team on 5522 0860 or you may place your order via telephone during business hours.


How long will the meals last in the fridge?
The meals are packaged in special containers that allow the meals to be kept in the fridge (0 – 5C) for 7 days, or until the use by date on the meal.


Can you freeze your meals?

Our meals are cooked to order therefore they are fresh out of the kitchen and delivered to you. You can freeze the meals prior to the use by date. To thaw, place the meal in the fridge overnight then it will be ready to reheat in the microwave as per the packaging instructions.


Can you customise the meals?
Unfortunately, no. We have created meals that are well balanced. The recipe is documented and the nutritional values are then calculated. Our meals meet the Australian Labeling laws so by modifying contents creates issues with printing and labeling. Hence, we do not customise or modify any meals at the customer’s request.


What is the size of your meals?
The meals are mostly 350 grams. This is a suitable size for the average size adult. Weight of the meals can be found on our website. Go to our fresh meals page, click on any meals, click on Nutritional Information. Nutritional Information Panel is displayed and known allergens.


Are your meals Gluten Free?
To determine what meals are Gluten free, go to our fresh meals page on our website and click on the filter “Gluten Free”. This will list meals identified as Gluten Free. Also, you may click on any meal, then click on Nutritional Information. The Nutritional Panel is displayed and lists any known allergens. Please note that our kitchen facility does prepare other meals containing Gluten, therefore cross contamination is possible. If you are Gluten intolerant, it is best not to consume our meals due to cross contamination possibilities.


Do you add preservatives?
We only use fresh fruit and vegetables from the local supplier and meat from the local butcher. We do use some commercial gravies, powders, sauces that may contain preservatives. Our company does not add any flavour or colour enhancers, MSG or preservatives to our fresh ingredients.


Do you have Gift Cards?
We have a Gift Card system. We create a website account for the recipient and you add the credit to it. We will send the recipient instructions via email on how to use the website and the credit. Contact us on and we will send you an email on how the Gift Card voucher works and the information we require to set up the recipient’s account. Credit is paid over the phone via Credit Card payment.


We do provide meals to NDIS participants. You pay in full and we will provide a modified invoice that displays the 30% cost for ingredients, 70% costs for preparation and the delivery fee. This information is in the summary at the bottom of the invoice. The invoice will be provided in the meal box when delivered. Please request a NDIS claim invoice to be set up on your account prior to placing your first order.


How do I find the meal nutrition information?
Go to the fresh meals page. Click on the meal, then click on Nutrition Information. The Nutritional Information Panel (NIP) is shown including any known allergens.