If you’ve tried a number of diets in the past and found yourself feeling hungry and lacking energy, then a low carb diet might be a good plan for you. Switching to low carb means you fill up on protein, dairy and healthy fats, so you never feel hungry, and you avoid processed foods, so you can improve your energy levels. If you are wondering ‘what can I eat on a low carb diet?’, this guide is a good starting point.

Planning your Meals

It’s important to plan meals in advance as much as possible when you switch to low carb. This is because many convenience foods and everyday staples like bread, pasta and rice need to be avoided.

The first question many people ask is ‘what can I eat for breakfast on a low carb diet?’ After all, most of us reach for toast or cereal in the morning, both of which are full of carbs. However, taking some time for breakfast so you can cook yourself some eggs, bacon, sausages or other protein-rich foods, will set you up for the day ahead. Ideally, you should add some veggies into the mix, whether it’s some mushrooms on the side or spinach in your omelette, as this will fill you up.

For lunch, pack something simple like a salad or low carb wrap with chicken, salmon, tuna or another source of protein. You may also want to take some nuts or veggie sticks to work with you, in case you need a snack. 

Low Carb Dinners are easy with Cameron’s Kitchen

Because Cameron’s Kitchen makes meals from scratch, we have a number of options for those who want to follow a low carb diet. Many people wonder ‘what is the best low carb diet for weight loss? and the answer is one that fits around your lifestyle. Realistically, you will soon get tired of cooking from scratch every single night, so our meals make it easier to stick to your goals.

Some great options for low carb dieters include our Cajun Chicken, which is served with sweet potato mash and steamed vegetables, so the carb count comes under 23g. Our Pork Fillet with Mushroom Gravy is also popular with low carbers, with just 25.5g of carbs, and is so easy to prepare. Both options are great for a delicious mid-week meal, or when you simply don’t have the energy to cook something low carb.

Many people have lost weight following low carb plans. While it can be hard to break old habits and to stick to less than 150g of carbs a day if you keep following this plan it becomes second nature over time. Some planning and prepping, including keeping low carb ready-made meals in the fridge, can help keep you on track.