One of the best perks of having your meals prepared for you, is that you can take them (almost) anywhere. Here are our top 5 places to enjoy your Cameron's Kitchen prepared meals.

At work 

Picture this: A 15-minute snooze every day of the week, no morning rush AND you get to work on time. Sound ideal? It can be your reality by adding lunches to your Cameron's Kitchen orders. By the time your lunch break comes around, simply put your meal in the microwave, sit back and wait for your envious colleagues to ask what's on the menu for today. Be sure to give them your referral link when they ask, and earn $10 worth of points for your next order. Get my link.

At university 

If you're a uni student, you've got enough on your plate (pun intended). Take some pressure off by bringing our meals with you to heat up after your lectures or study sessions. Cafeteria food is great, but you know, money. And buying lunch at uni starts to add up when you *accidentally* end up at the register with a juice and some chocolate for later. With a concoction of little sleep, stress and deadlines there's no wonder you make poor health decisions. Let us take that temptation away altogether and serve you real food prepared by talented chefs. Good food = good grades.

On a boat

We were going to write 'on your boat' but figured not everyone owns one, and sharing is caring, right? So if you're lucky enough to have a friend with a boat, or own one yourself (feel free to get in contact *hint hint*), this one's for you. If you've planned a day out on the boat, preparing lunch is just one of those things that always seems to take the fun away. Sure, platters are nice, but after a whole day out in the sun, a wholesome meal is definitely needed. Put it this way: taking a Cameron's Kitchen meal is practically like having your own personal chef on board but without the price tag. Indulge in that feeling of luxury by having a qualified chef prepare your lunches next time you leave the harbour.

Camping with family 

We know camping set-ups can range from a 'one-man tent' to 'all the bells and whistles', but taking our meals with you camping can make the whole experience SO much easier. You can utilise the microwaves in shared site facilities or benefit from having one in your trailer, it's that simple. Taking your own food is great, but by day three, you kind of get over cooking in the dark and having to do dishes in a bucket. Ah, camping. You can order the whole weeks worth of our meals, stock up the esky and bobs your uncle.

At home with friends 

Think: girls night in, before a boys night out, a lazy Sunday arvo or a mid-week catch up. There's always fun to be had when entertaining at home, but sometimes cooking can eat into your socialisation time (guilty, another pun intended). If you want to make things easier, 'wow' them with some Cameron's Kitchen meals. And if you're good enough friends, tell them to bring their own. Take advantage of our current offer by referring a friend for $10 off your next order. From your ‘My Account’, use the ‘My Referrals’ feature to refer a friend. Each friend who uses your unique referral link and makes a purchase will earn you $10 worth of points that you can use within 60 days! Share the love - refer a friend!