A genuine love of good food is greatly reflected in its quality. Hand-made dishes are the yummiest but also highly nutritional, simply because you will always try to use fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Most people don’t know, but making a delicious meal doesn’t begin in the kitchen. It begins when you buy the fruits, vegetables, herbs, or meat. So, here are a few tips for the next time you are out, hunting for the perfect ingredients.

Tip 1: Fruit and Vegetables

When we talk about good quality ingredients and meals full of colour, then it’s impossible not to mention fruit and vegetables.

The best form of fruit and vegetables is fresh and in season. If you want to boost your next meal with nutritional values, then fresh fruit and vegetables should be your no 1 choice.

Tip 2: Herbs

For those of you who are aiming at restaurant-quality, dining experiences at home, there is an ingredient that’s considered a must-have in every cuisine - fresh herbs.

More and more produce suppliers are supplying fresh herbs, packaged in small quantities.

For high-quality food experiences, you should be prepared for premium prices on fresh herbs. Herbs with an affordable price tend to lack in quality or are dry herbs. If you haven’t tried it already, next time you prepare a meal that calls for herbs, try using some fresh ones over dry ones and taste the difference for yourself.

Tip 3: Meat

When it comes to meat, choosing quality over quantity is always preferable. Meat that you can find in stores can come from mass-produced farming.

Therefore, you should always opt for getting fresh meat from butchers that source straight from a local farm. You will notice the difference in tenderness, flavour, and juiciness from the first bite.

Alternatively, if you are time poor but still want meals that use healthy high quality ingredients and require minimal or any clean up afterwards, you can always opt to have fresh meals delivered straight to your door.