If you plan on spending a lot of time at home this autumn, you’re probably looking forward to the autumn dishes this time of year brings. If you’re like most people, you’re not excited about the long shopping lists, mounds of dirty dishes and the inevitable extra pounds that come from trying to make comfort food at home.

At Cameron’s Kitchen, we take the stress, mess and extra calories out of home cooking. You can choose from an array of delicious, healthy and fresh meals delivered in Brisbane. Here are a few of our favourites for those chilly autumn evenings.

Bangers and Mash

It doesn’t get more classic than this family favourite. We combine savoury and succulent bangers with freshly mashed potatoes and serve them with vibrant and fresh green peas and a rich and warm onion gravy. Your family will ask for this every week!

Sausages with potato mash with peas and gravy

Roast Lamb

If you’re having a few people over on a chilly night, put this dish in front of them, and it instantly becomes the star of the evening. We use roast leg of Australian lamb and our minted gravy. Topping off this perfect autumn meal are oven-roasted potatoes, roasted Queensland pumpkin and seasonal greens. This lovely dinner looks complicated, and we’ll keep your secret!

Half a chicken Roast with garlic and rosemary

Thai Green Curry

Our signature dish is perfect for any season of the year. The warm ginger, Thai basil and chilli of the curry will hit the spot on cool autumn evenings. Our tender chicken pieces are cooked in Kaffir lime, lemongrass and coconut milk that you pour over our fragrant jasmine rice. There’s a reason this is our signature. It’s that good.

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you have to compromise on fresh ingredients and delicious, healthy meals. At Cameron’s Kitchen, we’re dedicated to helping busy families like yours eat well and stay healthy!

Thai Green Curry - Cameron's Kitchen