Chocolate Brownie


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Gluten Free, yet delectable home baked Chocolate Brownie Slice with Walnuts, topped with a yummy layer of Chocolate and some crushed Walnuts.

This pack contains 2 servings of 110g pieces.

Servings per pack: 1 Serving size - 220g
Qty per serve Qty per 100g
Energy 4356kJ 1980kJ
Calories 1041 473
Protein 13.2g 6.0g
Fat - Total 62.0g 28.2g
Saturated 25.7g 11.7g
Carbohydrates 106.9g 48.6g
Sugars 86.0g 39.1g
Sodium 75mg 34mg
Ingredients: Chocolate (26%), Sugar (25%), Egg (14%), Butter (11%), Rice Flour (8%), Almond (5%), Walnut (5%)
Allergens: Nuts (walnut), Egg, Dairy

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