Sharing a meal with your loved ones isn’t just about eating food. It’s also about socialising, connecting with one another and making new special memories around the table. 

Research shows that sitting down and sharing a delicious meal can boost your physical and mental wellbeing in a variety of ways - particularly for seniors, who often miss the sense of togetherness of sharing a family meal. 

We’ve rounded up three key benefits of sharing food for older members of the family.

1. Promote healthy eating

Many seniors find that cooking big nutritious meals on a regular basis is too much work, and often resort to pre-packed foods. Unfortunately, some even get in the habit of skipping meals altogether. Sitting down for a shared meal encourages seniors to eat healthily and helps them to be more mindful of their eating choices when eating alone. Here at Cameron’s Kitchen, we provide a wide range of restaurant-quality meals that people of all ages are sure to love! 

2. Opportunity to connect with friends and family

One of the key benefits of sharing food with family is that it provides older adults with companionship. Sitting down at the table gives seniors the perfect opportunity to socialise and bond with friends and family while enjoying some delicious food. Maintaining social connections helps older adults feel happy, healthier and less isolated. 

3. Improve emotional wellbeing

Last but not least, sharing food gives people the chance to come together and strengthen their relationships. Cultivating a strong sense of belonging can do wonders for improving emotional wellbeing in older adults, and sharing a meal can even make food taste better!

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