You know what there’s a lot of?  


There are all sorts of dads. Some are big, some are small, some are hairy, some are bald. Some dads are the best listeners, others give wise advice. But, no matter how many dads there are, we think they can be sorted into two categories: the dads that cook and those who do not. 

 It’s kind of their defining feature!  

Dads will either spend a whole Sunday as the architect of a five-course meal, or they’ll be the first ones to jump at the chance of having breakfast for dinner. But this doesn’t stop us from loving both types equally! And we think both types of dads deserve to be recognised, even if their attempts in the kitchen can sometimes be blunders.  

If your dad is the type to offer you truffle salt to sprinkle on his grilled salmon, or the type to plate up a healthy serving of bangers and mash, we’re sure they could use a night away from the stove. Even if it’s for two very different reasons! 

In the lead up to Father’s Day this year (it’s Sunday 2 September in case you’ve forgotten!), the team here at Cameron’s Kitchen has decided to help you a little with showing your Dad some love. We know he deserves it. And we also know how hard it can be to try to express how much you appreciate him. 

That’s why for the month of August, when you make a Cameron's Kitchen order, you’ll get a fresh meal on us!  

So why not give the man a well-earned break? Treat him with a night or two out of the kitchen and in the dining room with one of our Cameron’s Kitchen fresh meals! 

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