Many people claim they eat a lot of health foods. However, if you look at your diet, you most likely have a lot of supposed health foods that you shouldn't eat. This can lead to a lot of confusion, but we're going to put together a short list of foods you don't want to eat. This way, you can exclude them from your own healthy food guide. If you don't have one, the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating is an excellent starting point. 

1. Fruit Juice 

Fruit juice can be just as bad as sugary soda due to the fructose content. One study found that a lot of fruit juice had an average of 45.5 grams of fructose per litre. Your body simply isn't designed to handle these higher amounts, and it converts to fat in the liver. 

2. Sugar Substitutes

In recent years, sugar substitutes have caught on as being a healthy alternative to normal sugar. However, research shows that eating sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners can cause a disturbance in the bacteria in your stomach. This can lead to health problems. 

3. Farmed Fish 

Farmed fish like tilapia can contain high levels of dioxin. In fact, levels can be up to 11 times higher in farmed fish than in fresh caught fish. Dioxin has links to dysfunction of your immune system, cancer and organ failure. 

4. Flavoured Yogurt 

Studies show that many flavoured or sweetened varieties of yogurt contain high amounts of sugar. For example, 100 grams of yogurt contains between 10.8 and 13.1 grams of sugar. This is roughly half of your recommended daily intake. Greek yogurt fairs much better, with roughly five grams of sugar in 100 grams of yogurt.

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