Try to Eat Together at Least Once Daily Whether That’s Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Your life may feel like it’s a whirlwind of work, social events and taking care of your kids and family. And with the kids having their own budding social lives, it can seem like a mission to get them to sit down for a family meal occasionally. Of course the TV is also a big distraction, with kids not wanting to miss out on their favourite soaps and the latest news about their favourite pop star. If this sounds familiar to you, you’re definitely not alone, with studies from 2017 showing that 50% of Aussies eat dinner in front of the TV and 34% of 18-34 year olds eat dinner in their room!

While it may have just become a habit that everyone does their own thing at mealtimes, there are many benefits for the health, social and mental well-being of everyone in your family. If you don’t have enough time to prepare family meals every day, Cameron’s Kitchen can help shoulder some of the stress and have healthy meals delivered direct to your door for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Prepared by top chefs, get your kids to choose some of their favourite dishes to be delivered, to help entice them back to the dinner table.


Tips to Get Everyone Together at the Dinner Table

-        Talk with your whole family and work out which mealtime is best and most convenient for everyone to make it to the dinner table

-        If there are major objections, start small by scheduling one family meal a week and try to build it up slowly

-        Let everyone know the family dinner is going to be prepared by a top chef and delivered straight to the door by a meal delivery service

-        Try to keep the family meal or meals at the same times each week, so as not to interfere with social schedules


The Benefits of Having Regular Family Meals Together

Family Relationships will improve

Spending time together away from the TV means you can have real conversations and actually find out about each other’s days. While watching other people watch TV is great (Goggle-box!?), learning about what happened at school or in the office can be as equally entertaining.

Diet will improve

Having fresh meals delivered to your door and regularly eating meals together, will allow you to teach younger children about making healthy food choices. Help them to choose the meals they want not just by taste, but by the benefits it can have on their health.

Kids will learn to be More Social

In this technological age, we can all be a bit guilty of getting glued to our phones and the latest episode of our favourite soap. Dragging everyone away from the TV and having meals together will help to enhance that age old skill of actually talking to each other!

Take a look at the list of healthy meal delivery options Cameron’s Kitchen has online and get the kids to look with you. Every meal has a list of nutrients so you know how much protein, fat and carbohydrate you’re consuming, helping you to keep within a healthy range for any diet goals.