Your day starts at 5:30. You get the school lunches packed and organise breakfast for everyone, check the schoolbags, rush the kids off to the bus or taxi them to school or childcare yourself. You squeeze in a full day at work or tend to household chores and paying bills and before you know it it’s time to pick the kids up and take them to their after-school music/sports/swimming/dance classes, you rush home to get the homework started, unpack the school lunch boxes and get dinner ready… sound familiar?!

Families are busier than ever before, and we know a little bit of help can go a long way.

How do we know this? Because we are parents to an 11 year old boy ourselves, and face the same challenges as every other parent. When we realised we were spending more than 10 hours every week just in shopping, preparing meals and cooking, we set about finding a solution to cut that down.

Convenience meals are not new, but traditionally they have been either weight loss focussed or price sensitive using cheap ingredients. Families have never really been the core customer for these brands, which is crazy when you think about it, families are probably the busiest market there is!

As a Gold Coast based husband and wife team, we wanted to bring our own family values into our business which we’ve named Cameron’s Kitchen, so that the meals are wholesome, nutritious, tasty and fresh, and everyone who orders with us feels like family, not a customer.

When you order a meal from Cameron’s Kitchen, you can be sure the ingredients are sourced locally, there are no preservatives, you get an incredible 10 days shelf life and there will be no food wastage in the kitchen. It can also save the laborious dinnertime struggle that comes with kids not wanting to eat their food! You can be enjoying our fragrant Thai Green Curry while you serve up spaghetti bolognaise to the kids without any effort. It’s a win-win!

If you know this is the solution to getting some precious time back but feel like you ‘should’ be cooking at home, just take a look at the 1 million jobs posted on Airtasker last year, and you can rest assured that outsourcing time-sapping tasks is the way of the future!