Carrot Cake


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Sweet and moist spice cake, full of cut carrots and toasted nuts, and covered in cream cheese icing

Servings per pack: 1 Serving size - 220g
Qty per serve Qty per 100g
Energy 4046kJ 1841kJ
Calories 967 440
Protein 15.2g 6.9g
Fat - Total 58.6g 26.7g
Saturated 10.2g 4.6g
Carbohydrates 93.2g 42.4g
Sugars 70.1g 31.9g
Sodium 501mg 228mg
Ingredients: Brown Sugar (18%), Carrots (16%), Canola Oil (15%), Flour (13%), Egg (10%), Cream Cheese (8%), Icing Sugar (8%), Walnuts (5%), Butter, Raisins, Vanilla, Cinnmon, Baking Soda
Allergens: Wheat(Gluten), Dairy, Egg, Nuts (Walnut)

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