Silverside with Vegies


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Grandma’s favourite boiled Beef Silverside, arranged with creamy mashed Potatoes, buttered fresh seasonal Vegetables and a white Sauce enhanced with fresh Parsley and a hint of Horseradish.

Servings per pack: 1 Serving size - 350g
Qty per serve Qty per 100g
Energy 5555kJ 1462kJ
Calories 1328 349
Protein 26.5g 7.0g
Fat - Total 124.3g 32.7g
Saturated 60.5g 15.9g
Carbohydrates 25.2g 6.6g
Sugars 7.3g 1.9g
Sodium 386mg 102mg
Ingredients: Silverside corned(35%), Potatoes (18%), Broccoli (12%) Carrots (10%), green Beans (10%) Veloute (5%) - Contains Sodium Nitrate

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