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Delivery Day Options

With high demand for our fresh meals, some delivery days or your regular delivery day may not be available. This is due to the capacity of the kitchen and the limitation of delivery vehicles have been met.

Delivery Fee

Due to the significant increase in fuel costs, we have had to introduce a delivery fee to offset these additional operating expenses of our delivery vehicles. Of recent, we have been absorbing these costs however we cannot continue to do this, thank you for your understanding.

Order cut off times – 2 days prior to delivery day

[Order cut off] for delivery “Day of the week”

[Saturday] for “Tuesday”

[Sunday] for “Wednesday”

[Monday] for “Thursday” 

[Tuesday] for “Friday”

[Wednesday] for “Saturday”

In the fresh food delivery business, delivery is an art!

We’re a family business determined to bring wholesome meals straight to your door. With Cameron’s Kitchen, you can enjoy a first-class meal delivery service and can be confident your meals will always arrive safely and on time.

To check our delivery areas and the delivery fee, type in your postcode to verify your suburb is available. The upcoming available delivery dates are shown if you intend to place your order today. If your suburb is not shown, let us know and we will check to see if we can add your suburb to the delivery area. Email us at

Cameron’s Kitchen uses unique packaging technology that allows the food to be stored for up to seven days in your fridge, rather than receiving your order frozen. Your order will be delivered in a sealed styrofoam box with gel ice packs, and delivered to your address in our refrigerated van. This packaging will keep your meals chilled if you are not home for several hours.

The day before your delivery day, you will receive an email with an estimated delivery time within 2 hours. This same email will allow you to track your delivery on the day and you will be provided with a more accurate delivery time during the 2 hour window, it will also log the actual time delivery took place. Our vehicles use GPS tracking technology that provides real time delivery information and vehicle delivery geographic confirmation.

Our staff conform to Government Department of Health, COVID-19 guidelines.

To help us recycle and reduce our waste, please leave the box and gel packs out on your next delivery date for collection.